Most Gig Space Workers work for Uber, Shipt, Taskrabbit, Rover, and many more. The understanding of using these apps is that you can use these jobs as fast, free payment solutions to get money. Gig Space workers want jobs that they are still getting paid for, with free or almost free payment processing. 

When working with large, global companies like Uber and Shipt, most workers sign up for the fact that you can get fast and easy payment through these channels. You are unbanked but employed. Uber, Shipt, Rover, and many other of these self-employed apps have an instant payout feature that you can use. This specific feature allows workers to cash out their earnings within an hour of completing the job that they selected. Before implementing an instant payout feature on these apps, workers previously would have access to their earnings once a week. 

Most times, individuals sign up for these jobs through the app themselves but do so to make quick money, as a side-job, or even as their main income. As these apps gain more popularity, they allow workers to take the daily earnings out at the end of their “shift”, rather than wait for an assigned payday for the funds to become available. With the technology being so advanced, workers expect to get paid fast and easily through these apps. 

Gig Workers take these jobs because of the impression they give off. Most people think that when they sign up to be an Uber driver, a Shipt Shopper, Rover, or Taskrabbit, they are expecting fast and free payment solutions for the job they are completing. They expect fast payments because of the nature of the app. The overall sense of signing up for these apps is that it is a low-key job that can allow them fast and easy payments, and that is why Gig space workers expect fast payments. 

Another reason that Gig space workers expect fast and free payment solutions is because they are essentially completing digital transactions that are valuable for the workers themselves and the businesses they are co-oping with. Having digital transactions eliminates the need for physical touch and the exchange of germs, accelerates funds availability, and also demonstrates that the businesses care by offering a payment choice with flexibility to their workers. 

Gig workers use these digital platforms for the convenience of getting paid through the app and not having to worry about making it to the bank before it closes to cash their check, which in turn, is more convenient to them. By using a digital database, it allows Gig workers to receive digital payment fast and easily. 

A new company, KyckGlobal, is a cloud-based outbound payments platform that reduces cost and complication for companies paying individuals outside the standard parameters of payroll and supplier channels. By using KyckGlobal, it allows an easier payment process for companies to pay the recipients in the payment format that they prefer. 

Published On: October 7th, 2021 / Categories: Payment Industry /