The year 2020 brought an immense number of changes, there was growth in different industries we could’ve never predicted. However, with these transitions came the rapid emergence and expansion of the FinTech market. The use of technology to enhance financial services was more sought out than ever because of the pandemic. In March 2020 when most of the world had to work remotely, industries that fully integrated technology services were at the forefront. Specifically, FinTech became a leading industry during the pandemic. Fintech offered the solution of affordable financial services along with simplicity and efficiency. As a result of this, Fintech experienced an unprecedented amount of funding during the pandemic and this trend is continuing all the way into 2021.

The Demand for More Flexible Payments

With all the uncertainty the pandemic brought, the one thing everyone needed was flexibility. This is why the demand for solutions offering flexible payment platforms skyrocketed during the pandemic and is continuing to do so, even as we are starting to exit the pandemic. At KyckGlobal we offer solutions, and our primary goal is to give everyone the opportunity to experience the flexibility and ease of our payments. Our motto is simple, “To Pay Anybody, One Time.”

How Our Payment Platform Works

Whether its claims, rebates, or reimbursements, we handle it all. Through the use of FinTech our first step is to evaluate every nuance of your one-time payments. We then offer the flexibility of allowing you to set up all your preferences, fitting your needs and wants. Afterward, our flexible payment platform will gather all records, reports, and any IRS-required documents. Then, we let our flexible payment platform do the work by managing all one-time payments. No more having to keep track of the long list of one-time payments because at KyckGlobal we do that for you, by constantly monitoring and reviewing.

KyckGlobal’s Product is More Sought Out than Ever

Numerous studies have been conducted, even by the World Bank, which have confirmed the exponential growth of FinTech during the pandemic. The pandemic caused a snowball effect in the Fintech industry, which is only getting bigger and bigger as time passes. With this rapid increase, our solutions are sought out due to the ease and flexibility we offer. Our payment solutions are all found on one single platform, taking away as much headache as we can. Reach out to us today so you can see for yourselves. 

Published On: September 14th, 2021 / Categories: FinTech Industry /