Some Tips on Valet Tipping Etiquette

At A1A Valet, you can be assured that all clients are provided the same level of outstanding car care by our attendants. When you are happy with the way in which your vehicle is being cared for, tipping is the customary way to show your appreciation to the responsible attendant.

It is not mandatory that you tip the valet attendant, but it is generally considered to be a gesture of appreciation for the way in which your car is treated. Tipping is appropriate both when handing the keys to the valet and when getting in your car to leave the area.

Whether you are paying a fee to park or not, each time the valet parks or retrieves your car, it is customary to tip him or her $2 to $5. However, if you make requests about parking spaces or if your vehicle requires special attention, it is appropriate to tip the attendant an extra amount.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to request that the valet go to your car to get something out of it for you. In this situation, an extra tip is appropriate for the extra service.

If you are using a valet service for an event, it is appropriate for each attendant to receive an equal tip as well as a base pay. The tip is given to the attendants after all cars have been returned to your guests.

Valet parking is a service of convenience. A1A Valet expects attendants to render the highest quality of service possible at all times. Any gratuities that our clients present should always be for jobs well done and should reflect the peace of mind the clients have while their vehicle is in our care.