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Ashish Bahl has proven expertise & accomplishments in industries such as e-invoicing, debit routing, eCommerce, home banking and more.

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Ashish Bahl

Ashish Bahl

Serial Entrepreneur

I leverage the breadth of my knowledge to excel at growing businesses in emerging markets, and rely on my keen ability to predict market developments to help me set, refine, and adjust strategy amidst changing market dynamics.

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Proven Track Record

Over his career, Ashish has launched and grown numerous FinTech and other technology businesses. His first company, Exchange Place Solutions, a strategy and solutions firm for financial services, was purchased by iXL in 1997. Ashish then built and sold Harbor Payments, an e-invoicing participant, to American Express for $150 million in 2006. His third company, Acculynk, developed patented debit routing technology, and was sold to First Data in 2017.

Ashish’s current company, KyckGlobal, is a powerful SaaS-based payment platform that enables companies of all sizes to pay employees, contractors, and customers through more than a dozen payment types. This next-gen solution helps companies streamline and transform their outgoing payments processes.

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Formula for Success

At the end of the day, Ashish found success to be dependent upon the ability to present a unique solution to a common problem. He achieves this by fostering specialized, proprietary intellectual property in a high-growth market, alongside a committed and capable management team. Ashish’s experience, expertise, and contacts add exponential value to businesses at the most critical point in their growth. He also always makes it a point to serve as a mentor and create long-term relationships for repeatable success.

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Mission & Looking Ahead

Ashish’s family was forced to flee their home country of Kenya when he was a child, an experience that he carries with him as a driving force in all that he does. A lack of prevalent and affordable access to financial services remains one of the greatest obstacles to empowering individuals and small businesses around the world. Ashish Bahl’s future endeavors are aimed at accelerating financial inclusion for underserved populations through new and innovative financial technologies.

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“My future endeavors are aimed at accelerating financial inclusion for underserved populations through new and innovative financial technologies.”

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